Westin St. Clair of Enterprise Professional Services, Inc. Presented with 2017 Artie Lee Hinds Award

By April 12, 2018News


Westin St. Clair, an employee of Enterprise Professional Services, Inc. (EPSI), was recognized as the 2017 Artie Lee Hinds Award winner at TIBH’s tenth annual banquet on Sept. 27, 2017. The award—named for lifelong humanitarian and TIBH founder/chairman emeritus, Artie Lee Hinds—honors an outstanding community rehabilitation program (CRP) employee for his or her leadership, dedicated service and commitment to excellence through the WorksWonders Program.

“Receiving the Artie Lee Hinds Award, and having my son there to experience it, was a great honor,” St. Clair said. “TIBH continues to encourage folks with disabilities to do a good job.”

St. Clair is a valued and exemplary employee, serving as EPSI’s lead grounds maintenance worker on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) main campus. He leads his crew by delegating work responsibilities for completing assigned mowing, edging, leaf/debris removal, fertilization and hedging.

“This complex is approximately 63 acres, and he is responsible for everything related to grounds—mowing, weeding, trimming and hedging,” Sherrie Zgabay, facilities manager at Texas DPS, said. “He has taken an active role in educating himself, obtaining certifications and becoming even more knowledgeable.”

In 2015, St. Clair was driving when his vehicle was struck, causing it to spin off the side of the road and wrap around a telephone pole. As a result of his accident, both of his legs, his pelvis and his face were broken in multiple areas. He spent 21 days in the intensive care unit, and doctors told him it would be difficult for him to walk again. However, as a result of his determination and self-motivation, St. Clair taught himself how to perform physical therapy exercises, and within five months, he was walking with the help of a walker.

“His work ethic is exemplary, and his attitude is very positive all the time. It’s hard to believe that two years ago, he was lying in a coma, with his body battered and wondering if he was ever going to walk again,” Stephan Saia, president and CEO of EPSI, said. “And here he is, taking care of a 60-acre campus. Westin represents the best of what it is that EPSI has to offer.”

“Through TIBH and the partnership with EPSI, this particular situation has absolutely been a win-win, I believe, for all three parties, and we are looking forward to continuing that relationship into the future,” Zgabay said.

St. Clair’s ground maintenance expertise is instrumental in ensuring EPSI continues to purchase the most reliable and cost-effective equipment and safety gear available. His reliability, perseverance and “can do” attitude is an inspiration to all who meet him.

“This whole thing, it was a lot in my life—it hit me hard. I look at my son and that gives me the fire to keep going. Every day, he is my hero,” St. Clair said. “That’s my everything, and that’s why I come out here and keep going, because I have to set an example for him.”

St. Clair’s son joined him on stage as he was presented with the 2017 Artie Lee Hinds Award. Through tears, he expressed how much the award and his job meant to him. St. Clair and his son are avid fishers, so they were given two brand new fishing rods. After describing his father as a super hero, St. Clair’s son was also presented with an Iron Man action figure.

Congratulations to Westin St. Clair and the other 2017 Artie Lee Hinds Award nominees for their dedication, exceptional performance and leadership.